Roberts Stream 93i Radio Review

Roberts 93i

I've had this radio for a couple of months now, here's my review:

Sound Quality

The unit sounds excellent for it's size. There's plenty of bass and the mids and treble sound crisp and clear. It also makes a good effort at making low bitrate sources sound listenable. There is also a graphic equaliser with a number of presets to choose from but once you've set it up there's little need to change it.

Size And Build Quality

The unit is compact and sturdy. The handle is a solid metal and feels reassuringly strong, although it probably wouldn't be comfortable to carry around for an extended period.

Overall it feels well built and looks good. The small LCD screen is not amazing but does the job and the brightness can be adjusted to suit the environment you have it in.

The radio is available in black or white and generally looks clean and modern.

Set Up And Ease Of Use

The unit is easy to set up and connect to your network and the radio is simple to tune.

Generally the radio is easy to use, all the necessary functions have a button so changing the mode and selecting a station or song is quick and efficient.

There are numbered buttons to store preset stations and a good sized couple of knobs, one for volume and one for navigating.

If you've got more than one 93i you can rename the device so that if you're accessing it over your network you can identify the correct unit that you want to control.

FM Radio

The FM radio reception is good and picks up stations with little effort if there's an average signal strength.

DAB Radio

DAB Radio reception is excellent. Where FM fails, in the middle of my house, where there are no windows, DAB comes through strong and clear without even fully extending the aerial. There are a plethora of stations to choose from in the UK. Some even have something worth listening to sometimes.

DAB+ Is also supported (explanation here if you're interested).

Media Player (DLNA & USB)

The media player can play music from a DLNA server on your network and handles large amounts of files and directories well. It loads up quickly and navigation is fast and responsive. You also get album art and track information displayed if it is available.

USB Playback is limited to drives formatted to FAT or FAT32 upto 128GB capacity and only flash drives, not hard drives.

Internet Radio

There are thousands of internet radion stations to choose from by browsing through the ones included and you can also add your own by creating an account and adding them manually.

MP3, WMA, FLAC and AAC Internet radio streams are playable which should cover most stations available. Podcasts can also be accessed for many stations if they are available.


You can send songs to the radio using Spotify if you have a 'Premium' account, which currently costs £9.99 per month in the UK. I don't have a premium account therefore I've not tried it. It's a shame it can't connect to Google Play, Amazon or another service where you can have your own music stored.

Alarms And Timers

The clock sets itself when connected to the internet, meaning you never need to worry about it keeping the right time.

There are two alarms and they will be remembered even if there is a power cut. They can be set to go off just once, daily, during weekdays only or at weekends.

You can also wake up to FM, DAB or internet radio.

Remote Control

The remote control is slim and works reasonably well for a slim credit card style remote. All the necessary functions are included and it's often easier to use the remote to navigate through tracks when using the media player.

Remote control


The 'Undok' app is available for Android or Apple. It works well and allows all the functionality of the radio.

Android App

There's also an unofficial Windows app, 'RadioRemote' that can be run on your Windows 8.1 or higher desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Windows 10 Desktop App


The radio does not come with a battery or Bluetooth but you can buy them as add on accessories. Although both are a little bit pricey and don't get gleaming reviews on Amazon.


At £159 it's not cheap, but once you've had it for a short while it definitely feels like you've got your money's worth, and it's so packed full of features.

I've got one in the kitchen, I'm tempted to get another for the bedroom!




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