Windows 10 - How to dual boot with ASUS BBS Popup
Windows 10

If, like me, you've got Windows 10 but are a bit nervous about switching from Windows 7 then you may have tried dual booting using ASUS BBS and hit a slight snag.

I recently got my hands on a copy of Windows 10 and rather than risk all and ditch Windows 7 I thought I would dual boot. I've got 2 hard drives and an ASUS motherboard that has the BBS feature that allows the drive to boot from to be selected on powerup (I'm still not sure what BBS stands for, it is not even mentioned in the ASUS manual for the motherboard).

This is what it looks like:


In order to bring up this menu at powerup, you need to press F8 as the BIOS screen is being displayed. After installing Windows 10 onto the secondary hard drive and tinkering around for a while, after shutting down and restarting it was impossible to bring up the BBS popup menu again.

Mild panic ensued as multiple reboots kept ignoring my frantic pressing of F8 and launched Windows 10 again.

Eventually after resetting using the reset button on the PC case while Windows 10 was loading I managed to get back into the BBS popup menu and start Windows 7 again. Unfortunately the annoying Windows scan disk now wanted to run, which never used to be a problem, but now with 2 disks adding up to 3TBs and split into 6 partitions, gets a bit annoying.

After some research on the net I eventually read about the wonderful new speedy startup of Windows 10 and how when you shutdown, it doesn't shut down the OS kernel but actually goes into some kind of hibernation using the Hybrid Shutdown feature.

Rummaging through the Windows 10 menus eventually I found a way of switching this off here: 'Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings'.

Here are the steps to get there:

Control Panel

Next time you power up your BBS popup should work without problems.

I've not noticed any slowdown in the startup after doing this.