Stock Portofolio
Stock Portfolio

Keep track of your stocks and shares with this free application.

If you have stocks or shares you can use this tool to keep track of your holdings. Keep multiple portfolios and track each holding it contains. View the latest information about a holding along with the daily change.

Also, keep track of whether your holdings are up or down since the time of acquisition. Multiple holdings of the same stock can be tracked, bought and sold, merged or edited for total control.

Create fantasy portfolios for fun or to test out strategies.


Please note:

Ferretic's Stock Portfolio application acquires data from Yahoo Finance. You must agree to Yahoo's terms and conditions when using this software.

Data provided by Yahoo is 15 minutes behind the real time value.

Ferretic is not responsible for the data supplied by Yahoo or its accuracy and accepts no responsibility for any loss or damages through the use of this program.

Please cross check any information with another source and take advice from a qualified financial advisor before making any important decisions

* Microsoft .NET Framework will be installed automatically during installation of the application if it is not already present.

Ferretic's software is free for personal use only. For commercial licensing, please contact us.